My Trip To Dubai

My Trip to Dubai | Dj Jam


Dj Jam’s Trip To Dubai

Here’s a slideshow of my trip to Dubai. I headlined at Club Pacha. The club was amazing and a must-go if you’re in the area for sure. These guys know how to party. Shout out to SwatEntertainment for the hospitality! They took me to a after party at a club inside a Mansion, a yacht party, i got to see the Khalifa (tallest building in the world), ate some good food, had some good company and a great time. The Dubai Mall was crazy. The Mall literally had a huge Aquarium INSIDE with Stingrays, Sharks , and all kinds of exotic fish swimming around while you shop! Nice Clubs, Tall Buildings, and a lot of $$, you can’t go wrong.

Can’t forget to thank SwatENT for the dope Hookah Piece Set that i noticed my name written in the piece!

The Hookah 1 Dubai The Hookah 2 Dubai






See for yourself below in the slideshow!

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